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What is the Tetra Project?

The Tetra Project is the projection and realisation of a conceptual work of art by Dutch artist Frans Horbach, and consists of an invisible tetrahedron (a 3-dimensional, equal-sided triangular piramide) inscribed inside the earth's sphere with the four separate corners touching the surface of the earth.
The corners of the tetrahedron are located at four terrestial markers at equal distance from one another and determined by geografic coördinates. At these locations, where the corners protrude from the surface of the earth, four stone or marble tetrahedron will be placed and anchored. The imaginary planes of this tetrahedron extend through the earth from each corner to the other three. The length of the imaginary line that links each pair of terrestrial markers is approximately 6467 miles.

To visualise and appreciate the size and measure of this tetrahedron requires a certain effort of mental projection and some stretch of the imagination. The Tetra Project is conceived as a shared perception that will span the minds of those who participate in it, transcending the formal language of art itself. It not only requires abstract visualization, but also physical vision and commitment to discover and mark the earth corners of this tetrahedron artwork.
In the structurist vocabulary, the art work draws the physical eye from one seperate component to another, while the unity of the work is revealed through the relationships of all its components.

As the tetrahedron is a unique, equal-sided solid figure, with four points touching the earth's sphere, there are an infinite number of possible positions in which it might have been oriented within the earth. The four corner points must be on landmass. Once a markerpoint is chosen, the choices for the other three corners are found as an equilateral triangle inscribed in one circle. These three points form the triangular base of a tetrahedron with Kailash at the apex of the tetrahedron solid.

Images, drawings, stories, travelogues and other reports connected to the Tetra Project will be presented on this website, while an overview of all material will be presented in an exhibition at the completion of the project.

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